Let's get curious!

MCBCreative's founder and Principal, Mary Claire Bouchér, has envisioned the commercial photography and brand consulting company that she wishes she could have employed in her past. 

Mary Claire earned her professional chops in the diverse arenas of hospitality, non-profit, corporate brand management, and entrepreneurship. 

From each of these dynamic fields she learned the valuable impact of a strong, clearly defined marketing strategy and the capacity of high-quality imagery to communicate the vision of any brand. 

MCBCreative was conceived to marry her talent as a visual artist with her business acumen.  The philosophical foundation of MCBCreative is rooted in her sense of relentless curiosity. She is dedicated to delivering high-touch service and creating artful brand-based visual assets. 

The thoughtful approach we take with our clients reflects that dedication. 


Your Zone of Genius

It is the sweet spot. When in your Zone of Genius your work brings you effortless joy. Your work is intellectually challenging and emotionally fulfilling. You are both purpose driven and intrinsically motivated to perform the tasks in front of you. You feel unstoppable and energized. Time flies.

The Zone of Genius was introduced in the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Since then other books have been written and TED Talks delivered on how to identify and harness this place of connected flow.

While it may not be realistic to spend all of our time in the Zone of Genius, it is a worthy goal to spend as much time there as possible. It can increase your ROI, stave off entrepreneurial burn out, and foster a positive work environment.

Owning and operating a business is a labor of love and a tremendous amount of work. Too often, business owner-operators spend time in areas of the business that are outside of their Zone of Genius. This is ineffective, inefficient, and emotionally draining.

Is your branding or marketing an area of frustration? The areas of your business that bring you down, that you dread, or that overwhelm you are the ones you should be outsourcing. If you feel as though you don't have time to create the best reflection of your brand in your marketing, MCBCreative can help. 

Our mission is to create a partnership in which our clients can maximize time in their Zone of Genius and do the work that lights their fire everyday! 

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