Home Means Nevada

MCBCreative, Inc.'s founder, Mary Claire Bouchér, is a shamelessly proud third generation native Nevadan. Her dad nicknamed her “desert rat” and she lives up to that moniker almost daily where she can be found wandering off road, hiking, rock hunting, and (of course) taking a lot of photos in the wide open spaces of the Great Basin.

Mary Claire's journey as a photographer has humble beginnings that started with winding film through an F Series Nikon (circa 1967) and matured through decades as a passionate hobbyist. She ventured beyond photography into a visual arts education and earned a post-graduate certificate in World Art History from the Smithsonian Institution. She combines her professional experience with artistic creativity and put them to work for business owners.

She shoots primarily with a Nikon equipment and still run rolls of black and white through that old Nikon F. She occasionally busts out an old-school Polaroid because no one can resist the anticipation that comes with watching the image develop. Her philosophy is that the best camera is the one on hand at the moment.

Mary Claire seeks great joy in ordinary things and believes that to be the key to life-long happiness. She thinks laughter has healing properties and is known to laugh at herself, a lot. She is also a fearless hugger. 

With MCBCreative, Mary Claire has captured the best of both worlds - personal and professional. Through her Passion Projects, she continually hones her craft and pursues her own artistic vision. In Partner Projects, you will find a fresh perspective captured for our clients for the benefit and growth of their brand.