Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. I've got answers. Well, at least some of the answers. If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, feel free to contact me.
1What type of photography do you specialize in?
I simply love snapping away! I have experience in several types of photography including product, flat lay, event, documentary, and real estate interior. I've made a choice not to specialize so as not to limit my offerings. This way I can tell the best story for the client that has hired me, whatever their business may be.
2Why should I hire a professional photographer?
All photographers are just dying to be asked this question so we can answer it with enthusiasm! In general, professional photographers have top-notch equipment and I know how to use it; deliver higher quality, stunning images edited with technical software; bring your vision to life and work with you to capture the shots you want for your session; have a trained eye that takes into consideration color theory, layout, framing, angles, depth of field, and optimal light; and allow you to realize a return on investment by producing amazing images for you to use in your marketing collateral.
3Do you limit the number of images that you deliver?
No way. Why hold back? I deliver the number of images required to fulfill your requested shotlist and appropriately reflect the vision and feel of the event or session.
4Do you provide printed products or just digital images?
My standard practice is to deliver high resolution digital images. If you are interested in having your images professionally printed, I can recommend reputable print production companies or coordinate professional printing services for an additional consulting fee.
5What type of usage license is included with your photography packages?
The standard agreement conveys to the client an exclusive use license for collateral, editorial, publicity, and web advertising use of all of the images from our session. This includes display on your business website and social media accounts and marketing materials produced and distributed by the client, US and worldwide, in perpetuity. All other uses are negotiated separately and additional licensing fees may apply.
6Can another business that I partner with share the images that you delivered to me from my session?
Sharing is caring, but it does require additional licensing. If other corporate entities or business partners of a session or event request usage of the images, I am happy to provide an exclusive use license for an additional fee. Feel free to put them in contact with me.
7Can you offer other marketing support services for my business?
Yes! In addition to being a photographer, I have nearly three decades of experience in marketing, brand portfolio management, and general business experience. I am happy to discuss how I may be able to support the marketing needs of your business, whether they be project based or ongoing consulting. I also have a network of other creative professionals that I can recommend.
8What is your social media use policy with regard to images from our session?
The standard agreement grants a usage license to share images to your business social media platforms. The images are to be shared “as delivered” and unaltered by cropping or application of filters. It may seem picky, but this helps me to protect my product delivery and professional reputation as well. If we are shooting specifically for social media, I will provide your images cropped to 1080x1080. Mentions are one of my best marketing tools, so it would be great for you to either tag my social media or give credit in your comment section. Instagram @mcbcreative or Facebook @mcbcreativeNV
9What is your cancellation / postponement policy?
We all hope for the best, but everyone knows that things happens and plans change. Even before I show up for your session, I will have done prep work for a great shoot. If you do have to cancel your session, you will be responsible to pay all expenses incurred up to the time of cancellation, plus a fee equal to 30% of all fees quoted. If a shoot is cancelled within 48 hours of departure for the shoot, client shall pay 100% of the incurred and anticipated fees and expenses. If the session has to be postponed, I will make every attempt to accommodate your new date. However, photography work can be seasonal in nature and pricing may fluctuate based on demand or unanticipated factors. In the event of a postponement, it will be up to my sole discretion if the same fee schedule will apply for the rescheduled session date. In the event that I am not available for your selected reschedule date, the cancellation fee policy as mentioned above will be in effect.
10Who is "Woody, the beagle of inspiration"?
Woody was a stout lemon and white beagle that stole my heart from the minute I met him as a pup. He snorted like a pig, hated water with a passion, and lost his little doggie mind over foxes and coyotes. Woody loved blueberries, peanut butter, and his “lamb chop” squeaky toy. One of his ears was notched during a tussle with a yellow lab, but he was a scrappy little dude and ended up getting the best of that bully in the end. Like most hounds, Woody had terrible recall combined with a tendency to run off. He never came back until he had finished his grand adventure. This bonded us forever since I have my own brand of feisty wanderlust. For over 14 years he was my constant companion. He remains an inspiration in my life because of the pure, unconditional joy he brought to everyone who knew him. He was exceptional. I strive to be the person that my dog thought I was.