Lighting the Path Ahead

We understand. There are a lot of marketing tasks you've been meaning to do. But, in the midst of running a business, it is hard to find the time to fully realize the vision you have for your branding. It's never too late! 

We believe that every business, regardless of where it is in its lifecycle, deserves to have an exceptional brand and the tools to execute it. This is your instruction manual. 

The Brand Illumination is a two-hour intensive into your past and present, so we can guide your future. The outcome is a customized playbook for your visual brand identity. MCBCreative will provide to you: 

  • Insights gained from your mission, vision, and goals
  • Audit of existing brand applications
  • Review of all current marketing materials
  • Identification of appropriate branding needs
  • Creation of one ideal client persona
  • Identification of your brand voice 
  • Delivery of a tailored plan and coaching on the recommended next steps


Upon completion of the Brand Illumination, we will schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the findings and MCBCreative's potential fit as the partner in executing the plan that has been outlined. 


What's next?

You deserve brag-worthy branding that you can be proud of, but you shouldn't feel exhausted by the process to get there. The Brand Illumination is designed to set you and your brand up for future success following a few thoughtful steps. 



Prior to our two-hour intensive, we will send you some homework to complete. This will pave the way to making the best use of our time together.


During our two-hour intensive, we will learn a lot about you. Where did you start; where are you now? What makes you unique? Who are your people? (Other than us, of course!) What are your strengths and opportunities? What is your capacity? What are your big hairy audacious goals?


Based upon our expertise and the time spent in the intensive, we will provide you with the branding play book that is tailored to your unique situation.


We will have a follow up call to talk through the plan to give your brand the love and attention it deserves. We will determine if MCBCreative is the best partner to help you execute your newly illuminated pathway.